About us

In September 2005, I came to Shanghai alone for my first job as a fashion accessory merchandiser, after graduating fromYang’en University.

In July 2006, I began selling scarves indomestic market.

In early 2007, I was transferred to the foreigntrade department, which completely opened a new world for me. I started to dobusiness with buyers from different countries and found myself interested inforeign trades.

April 1st of 2008 was a turningpoint of my life; I made a decision to leave my former company in order tostart my own business with 2 other university classmates. Unfortunately, theAmerican Economy Crisis effected business all around the world. Both partnersleft by the end of 2008 due to the tough foreign trade business environment.

You know what? I did not give up. Instead,I worked even harder with my dream of trading the best quality of productsoversea, and I deeply believed in my faith that god would give me power. Ilooked for changes in my business, eventually my trades got better and betterin 2009.

Shanghai Brothers Textile Company was newlyfounded in 2011. During 2010 to 2011, the company was able to enlarge thebusiness volume twice as much as before, therefore a new order-managing teamwas employed at the time.

My name is Winston (LAN Yongbin), thefounder and owner of Shanghai Brothers Textile Company.

From 2012 till now, our business keepsgrowing while our sales team, merchandising group, R&D designers, financialstaffs and BTC groups become absolutely professional. We also have establishedour own Chinese brand, “ZXT”, and we are still making new progresses year byyear. Compared with regular traders, we do final quality inspection and packingby ourselves.

Our Competitive Advantages:

A Young and aggressive group:

1) We are hospitable and open to new ideas,always willing to collectinspirations from daily life, which help us to create uniqueprints;

2) Always on active and voluntary mode whenour customers are puzzled;

3) Great capacity of learning: sales anddesigners are sent to relevant training schools regularly.

B  Powerfulmanufactures supports:

We have more than 50 partner makers withover 20 years of experience in apparel accessories field, such as jacquard,printing, yarn-dyeing, DIP-dyeing, etc. Materials include cashmere, silk,chiffon, cotton, linen, modal, bamboo fiber and so on.

C Competitive price with low MOQ and Fast Delivery

We are able to offer products to hugeretailers such as Costco and Wal-Mart, etc.

In order to maintain our competitiveposition in the global market, and to increase the satisfaction of ourcustomers, we invest in research continuously. Our goal is to fulfill all therequirements of our customers with high-quality products.